6 series to binge in lockdown

6 series to binge in lockdown

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Six is not a lot 😦 But I don’t have much time this week because we are back to doing online school, which is a pain. And i never thought I’d say this but i actually WANT to go back to school ?! So, in the spare time that people have, sit down and binge these 6 series. Let’s go…

  1. High School Musical : The Musical : The Series (Available on Disney+)

This HSM spinoff on Disney+ is a fun, mockumentary series about the school where High School Musical was shot putting on a performance of High school Musical (Sounds confusing, I know, but you do get into it πŸ˜‚) Olivia Rodrigo stars as a confused 16 year old theatre kid, trying to juggle the stresses of high school.

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Available on Netflix UK)

If you don’t know this show (first of all wheeerrree have you been living for the last 30 years?), i have 3 words. BINGE IT NOW! Friends is a 90s Sitcom about six 20 something year olds living in a flat together. There are ups, downs and loadssss of bad jokes πŸ˜‚ (There are also 10 series, so get watching !)

3. The expanding universe of Ashley Garcia (Available on Netflix)

Ashley, a 15 year old genius, just got a job at NASA on the otherside of the country. She goes to live with her Uncle Victor and makes many new friends, while discovering more about the teenage life she missed out on. I loved this show, and it’s a really good series to just sit down a binge.

4. Stranger Things (Available on Netflix)

It’s 1983 in a small town in Indiana, U.S. And Will Byers is missing, Strange things are happening to a group of teens and no-one has any idea why. This show is aaammmaaaazziiinngg and really watchable. There are 3 series with a number 4 coming out in the foreseeable future, i would definitely recommend!

5. Diary of a Future President (Disney+)

Elena is a future president, but right now, she’s just trying to make her way through middle school, avoiding mean girls, having firsts and getting used to the new changes in her family.

6. Victorious (Netflix)

Tori Vega gets the chance to attend Hollywood Arts, a well-known performing arts school. What could go wrong? Well nothing apart from a crazy bunch of friends (Including a young Ariana Grande), a mad drama teacher, and a sushi bar… Join a group of aspiring teens on their way to the top, and sometimes the bottom…

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13 artists you neeeed to listen to (and a song lyric to go with them)

13 artists you neeeed to listen to (and a song lyric to go with them)

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I’m back! Thank you so much to whoever has been reading because today ( the second day of blogging) I hit 40 visitors ! (I know that’s not a lot but thank you) So, today i am writing a list of 13 artists you neeeed to listen to , as well as a couple lyrics to their songs. The genre of most of these artists is sort of a mixture of pop, indie and rap. (mostly pop thoughπŸ˜‚) By the way , this list is in a random order…

1. Harry Styles

you’re so golden

2. Tate McRae

one moment we’re broken and then we’re fine

3. Alec Benjamin

you won’t find jesus in L.A

4. Dua Lipa

am i falling in love with the one that could break my heart?

5. Conan gray

19 but you act 25 now

6. beabadoobee

i’ll make a cup of coffee for your head

7. Stormzy

blinded by your grace


just sitting in a cloud , oh wow

9. Lauv

she had those lonely eyes

10. Billie Eilish

all you do is look the other way

11. Tame Impala

does it help to get lost in yesterday?

12. Christian leave

i dont think about you all the time…

13. Doja Cat

why don’t you say so?

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17 things that are keeping me entertained during lockdown

17 things that are keeping me entertained during lockdown


Although i am bored, (you might have heard) there are some things i’ve been doing to keep myself busy. (Still not many though) So, here is a list of 17 things i have been doing. Hopefully it will also give you some ideas of things to do if you’re bored…

  1. Baking – mostly cakes and cookies.
  2. Running- go for a run in your local park or countryside
  3. Houseparty – facetime friends and play games like trivia, heads up and quick draw.
  4. Play with and look after your pet/s. (If you have any)
  5. Clean your room – as you’ll probably be spending wayyyy more time in there
  6. Decorate/ rearrange your room- use the things you have to give your bedroom a new look πŸ€“ 
  7. Tiktok- learn new dances and watch short videos
  8. Listen to music – there will be a 13 artists to stream post coming soon !
  9. Plant something
  10. Netflix & Disney+ – binge your fav tv shows
  11. Write a list!
  12. Have a hot bath – add a bath bomb or some candles πŸ™‚
  13. Do Joe Wick’s daily workout – yay?
  14. Try and get a shoutout from Joe Wicks daily workout- it’s not easy, believe me.
  15. Take photos – for your instagram feed or just something to do.
  16. Thrift or update clothes – paint your jeans or crop a t-shirt.
  17. Start a blog πŸ™‚ !

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7 movies for bored kids [like me] to watch while quarantined

7 movies for bored kids [like me] to watch while quarantined

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So right now, the whole world is right in the middle of a global pandemic [if you didn’t know] and pretty much everyone is bored. Like extreeeemmly bored. So here is a list of 7 films to watch while lying on your sofa eating leftover easter chocolate and fantasizing about when the goverment will let us out of our houses, if that ever happens…

[Most of these movies are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+]

  1. Yesterday PG-13 [2019]

Set in a small town in Suffolk, where Jack Malik, A struggling singer living with his parents , is the only person who remembers about The Beatles after a global powercut. A movie about music, love and The Beatles. The film features Lily James as Jack’s childhood friend and “Manager” as well as a random Ed Sheeran cameo if you’re interested.

2. Justice League 12a [2017]

Batman is recruiting his team of superheroes in a battle against a Thanos rip-off [Steppenwolf]. Wonderwoman, Aquaman , Cyborg and Flash all star in this action packed film to try and save humanity and bring Superman back.

3. Kiki’s Delivery Service U [1989]

In this Studio Ghibli feature, a young witch and her talking cat leave home in search for the perfect town. Made by the same company as Spirited Away and Howels Moving Castle, It is a Japanese classic anime film which everyone will enjoy. [Maybe..]

4. Mean Girls 12 [2004]

Cady is new at school, and when she meets Janis and Damian they tell her to avoid the plastics, the ‘popular’ group led by Regina George and her minions. But when Regina befriends Cady and tells her about the burn book, where the plastics write gossip and insults about people at school, things get even worse.

5. Stargirl PG [2020]

Stargirl is a mysterious, previously homeschooled newbie at Mica High, Arizona , where nothing ever happens. Stargirl is different, she wears different clothes, she acts differently and she doesn’t even have a phone. Leo , a normal student starts to fall in love with her… This film is available on Disney+ and is starring Grace VanderWaal.

6. Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark PG [1981]

Indiana Jones [an explorer played by Harrison Ford] has to set out to find the lost ark in eygpt, but must face the Nazis who want the very same artefact.

7. House with a clock in it’s walls 12a [2018]

10 year old Lewis is sent to live with his weird uncle [Jack Black] in his creepy house that makes a ‘tick tock’ noise every night. He soon learns that his uncle and the eccentric Mrs. Zimmerman are practitioners of the dark, magical arts. I watched this movie at midnight at a sleepover with a couple of friends and lets just say midnight was not the best time to watch it…

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